Every business needs an app. Having a look at the website trend in the 2000s it is easy to see the same thing happening again in the mobile app market. It only took a few years and websites have become a part of any successful business. Today you would think twice before buying a product or service from a business without a website. Soon the same will be true for businesses without mobile apps.

The reason for this is customers are spending a huge amount of time on their smartphones and this time includes mostly interaction with apps. If we follow the website trend mentioned above, then customers will expect businesses to have apps and the ones without apps won’t be considered.

Business owners have one or more of the following objectives when they decide to make an app:

  • Following trends
    The same way customers are accustomed to using websites, they are becoming the same about apps. Users can have vast interactions with an app and your business should take advantage of this trend.

  • Saving money through more efficient workflows and increased productivity
    The app could be a booking system for customers or could provide a tradesman with a list of addresses with maps they need to attend to during the day. Whatever it is it will save money for the business owner by saving time and administration for the staff.

  • Stand out from the competition and build your brand
    All major brands already have apps. However, providing a mobile app at the small-medium business level are still rare, and this is where you can get ahead of your competitors. Offering a mobile app to your customers in the local area will boost your reputation as they will be amazed by your innovation.

  • New marketing channel
    An app is an extension of your company the same way a website is. A great way to showcase who you are and what you have to offer. Besides special functions like booking, price estimator, product browser etc. with your own app you can send messages through push notifications to your customers directly offering promotions and can make announcements.

  • Efficient customer service
    Offering an app to your customers can interact with your business much simpler and more efficiently. Whether it’s a booking or redeeming a coupon or something else, when the app gives value to the customer they are more likely to spread the word and return.

  • Improved customer engagement
    Regardless of the nature of your business, providing a simple way to reach you is essential. You can engage with customers in real-time, by location and it can turn engaged customers into revenue generating ones.

There are endless creative ways to capture existing or potential customers’ attention. Once you have that, offering something of value will lead to increased sales.

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