The main reason for getting custom enterprise mobile apps is to increase efficiency and productivity which helps you to achieve your business goals. Examining further the territory from a business owner’s side many other aspects come into play such as: security, costs and managing devices.
By carefully assessing and prioritising these features you can save money and get more opportunities to implement mobile technology in your processes.

Device policy

Employees and clients constantly adopting new devices and technologies. It’s important to decide if you would like to offer devices to them or you prefer employees to bring their own devices.

In case you have a complex infrastructure and your business relies on mobile technology heavily it’s better to use a standard platform across the organisation. From deployment through updates to new developments it’s enormously simpler than dealing with a wide range of devices and operating systems.

A businesses with simple infrastructure can get away with multiplatform / hybrid applications easily. In this case the employees can bring their own devices which saves the ongoing costs of buying and maintaining devices.

Manage applications

Even if you offer a custom made application for the employees to complete specific tasks you might find they keep using their mobile phones to finish completely different work-related tasks. It’s a sensitive territory as you would not want them to share business related data through a third-party app which does not necessarily provide a high level of security.

It is important to create a custom mobile application which covers all work-related tasks and using a third-party app is not necessary. There are cases when a third party app works well and is secure, however allowing these apps in business environment should come from the management and not from employees themselves.

Mobile App Monitoring Systems are widely available and should be your tool to monitor if you suspect your employees use an unapproved application for work.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the right solution for enterprises and larger businesses where almost everything regarding the phones are controlled remotely through a cloud based service.

Manage Data

As mentioned employees may use applications which are not approved by the management. File-sharing apps such as Dropbox are a security concern and you should consider using an enterprise solution to share files or providing an in-house solution for the specific task.
It’s possible to set up a solution which makes safe document sharing available across a range of devices while limiting other applications from transmitting those files.

In conclusion enterprise mobile technology should be an integral part of the operations. It should be built up from the ground by considering business goals and protocols and also it should be used in such way that it becomes a strategic asset.