Outsourcing app development job seems a good idea as programmers, project managers and other professionals earn much less overseas so you can get the same value for much less compared to local devs. Along with the low costs they are highly skilled and can speak English.
There are however negative aspects that needs to be considered before you decide to get an overseas team to develop your software.


Level of spoken English and work ethics vary wildly across companies and countries. You have to be prepared to spend more time getting your point made because of the language barrier and misunderstandings.


While initial daily fees look promising it’s very easy to end up having a very high bill. Constant delays due to misunderstandings, low efficiency level and sometimes incompetency means burning the budget which leads to an unexpectedly high final bill.
It’s worth to note that if you go to an established, large, well known overseas software development company, then chances are the final bill will be very similar to a local developer team’s fee but without the benefit of easy communication and personal meetings.

Buy cheap, buy twice

There are many instances where you can burn yourself. For example your overseas development team may use PhoneGap / Cordova / Ionic which are great tools in expert’s hands but generally better to avoid. The advantage of these technologies that it’s fairly easy to put together an app, however once a little bit of complexity is introduced, these apps may fail to scale.
At best you have a working app with a hard (means expensive) to maintain code base, at worst you have to find a new team and swallow the costs of the unsuccessful venture.
As you can’t meet with the team personally and the language barrier is present, it’s hard to judge the professionalism of the team.


Outsourcing your development job is an uncertain business. Before you commit to invest money in your app development project make sure to do your research. Get quotes from a number of companies and talk to different developers. Do the same with local and overseas companies and once you have a clear understanding of potential risks and rewards it’s much easier to make a well-thought-out decision.


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