Saboteur Diver

An action-packed stealth wargame

Cross enemy lines and sabotage the naval forces!

The game is set in an alternate history and follows the missions of a fictional saboteur. You are in control of the diver who carries out missions which include drilling vessels and blowing up bridges. Your goal is to be invisible and to cause damage. If you or something suspicious is spotted, the enemy will emerge and begin hunting.

Plan every step of your mission and act quickly! Be someone! Be a saboteur diver!

– Includes 15 missions throughout various military docks
– Distraction tool to confuse the enemy
– Zoomable isometric camera

Relase date: Released (5 March 2015)
Platform: iOS


“If you’ve ever dreamed of sneaking behind enemy lines to conduct spy missions, then Saboteur Diver is a great game for your iPhone”
The Best iPhone Games of the Week,



(Game formerly titled as Triumph of the Diver)