Machine Learning & Data Science

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence programming that provides computers with the ability to learn. Machine learning focuses on programs that can change when exposed to new data.

We passionately develop Machine Learning code and in addition to working on client projects we contribute to the AI and ML community.

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Recent Insights

Robust XML level building in Unity

Having a robust process for loading levels is essential. In theory we could save each level as a scene in Unity but it just not going to work once we have a couple of levels. Using serialized text i.e. JSON or XML is very convenient and probably the best thing to do if we also want to tweak the levels in a text editor…

Saboteur Diver goes open source

Our isometric stealth game is available for the game developer community as a free download. Now anyone can download the code and build the game to iOS devices with Unity 4.3. More advanced developers interested in contributing to the project…