A business application is a software that helps business tasks and procedures operate efficiently. This could be a customer relationship management, inventory management, accounting or any other system which is related to business operations.

These applications run on both mobile phones and tablets and employees can access/enter information anywhere, anytime. A business application is constantly synchronising data with the company server. It doesn’t matter if the employee is on the field, in the office or overseas as all necessary information is accessible through the mobile app.

To give an example of an application, imagine your business is represented in an expo and you would like to add potential customers to your CRM. Using a tailored mobile app you can take photos of the customer’s business card, can enter details and notes on the spot and once you are back at the office, all the data has already been uploaded automatically.
This is just a simple example and the potential in using mobile technology for your business is tremendous.

The application described above is a typical solution for a small-mid sized business. Large businesses however require scalable and robust systems. These powerful softwares are called Enterprise apps. Their main goal to serve a particular business procedure. These apps are powerful and may come with a dedicated hardware.

As mobile technology is growing rapidly and more opportunities become available, all kinds of businesses can take advantage of the innovation.